Our Culture

Adequate level of responsibility with freedom and opportunities of initiatives that people require, realistic clear objectives of performance expectations and authorized relationship, clear communication, well laid out reward system, zero degree of conflict tolerance and outcome orientation must be inbuilt aspects of culture of an organization.

The promoters of RM Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. value their culture deeply which is based on Integrity, Fulfillment, Fearlessness, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Humility, Responsiveness and it is purely reflected in RMC work style. This organization is people oriented and values their people
utmost. RMC has created golden history of manifold progress in growth with its value- based culture where employee contribution is amazing.

We ensure to celebrate every occasion with the employees and the workers such as:

  • Republic Day
  • Independence Day
  • Ganpati Pooja & Visarjan
  • Dussehra
  • Diwali
  • Blood Donation Camps
  • Human Resource Development program
  • Tree Plantation

Family Day Celebration: This joyful event is attended by all Management Persons, Staff Members and Workers along with their families. Various games, competitions and fun activities are organized. Apart, educational exhibitions and presentations are organized. We aim to retain respect for people, atmosphere of co-operation and trust, delivering of top- quality products, follow the Motto “Work is worship”, Ethic- morale soundness, Self-discipline,
highest level of Customer satisfaction and Creativity. Further, we also believe that satisfied customer, delighted workforce and elevating organization can only be archived by a sound organizational culture as it enhances organizational commitment and increases the consistency of employee behavior.


Blood donation at RMC Dhule: Blood contains many life-saving components those can help to treat different illnesses and injuries. For many people, blood donors are their lifeline. Blood donation gives a proud feeling of touching someone’s life in such a beautiful way. It’s an experience that no words can define.RM Chemicals Pvt Ltd has a wonderful tradition of organizing holly event of blood donation camp on 8th February every year for last five years.  These camps have been very successful and a good quality of blood units was donated.  Donations of last five years are as under: –

  • 2015 –              103 Units
  • 2016 –              132 Units
  • 2017 –              126 Units
  • 2018 –              111 Units
  • 2019 –              208 Units
  • 2020 –              260 Units